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Payment terms

The invoices will be paid 30 calendar days (thirty) after invoice date. All unpaid overdue invoices will automatically and without notice entail payment of an annual interest with a minimum of 12 (twelve) percent starting by the due date of the invoice. Furthermore, a fixed indemnity will be automatically applied without notice. This indemnity will neither be inferior to 12% (twelve) of the amount of the invoices nor less than € 100,00 (one hundred euro). Any invoice unpaid by due date makes automatically and without notice all the unpaid invoices, even the ones not due, immediately claimable.

Complaints can not be taken into consideration unless expressed in writing within eight calendar days after invoice date. On the contrary the claim will be considered as null and void.

All disputes are subject to Belgian law and only the court of Antwerp shall be competent to settle.


Transport Van Loon (BE)

General terms and conditions for transport by road (CMR)

Maintenance & Repair

General Logistic Conditions
ITCO Corporate Responsibility - Code of Practise


General Logistic Conditions
General terms and conditions for Tank cleaning


General Logistic Conditions
Insurance situation stored (tank)containers - Group Van Loon liability for stored containers

For tanks stored at our depot(s) at the locations "Schomhoeveweg" (ATC, ATR & TVL) and "Molenweg" (ATSL & GETS), following insurance coverages and limits apply:


For both locations, “Schomhoeveweg” and “Molenweg” of Group Van Loon, and all its subsidiaries, an insurance policy is in place for an amount of € 2.610.000,- first lost limit. "First loss limit" means the 'average rule' does not apply. Meaning we do not have to insure the total value of all units in our yard(s), but the total indemnity per loss cannot exceed the first loss amounts mentioned. Insured perils: fire, lightning, fallen aircraft. Exclusions (not limited to those!): theft, storm, hail, flood, earthquake, terrorism, vandalism, impact by vehicles.

Limitation liability Group Van Loon companies

Please note our liability in case of loss or damage for units stored in our depots is always limited to the above mentioned conditions and maximum amounts. We strongly recommend our customers to close an insurance contract for risks exceeding these amounts and coverages. No indemnity from our side will take place in case the mentioned coverages are exceeded!