Our mission

Be the most reliable and professional service provider in the tankcontainer industry and related businesses.

Group Van Loon is a family owned company (since 1954) and offers one-stop-shop solutions at a strategic location in the Port of Antwerp, Belgium. Key services: trucking (all container types and products), tank repair (for leasing companies, tank container operators, industrial tank owners), cleaning, storage, product heating and waste water treatment.



Transport Van Loon (TVL) is founded by Cor Van Loon


Willy Van Loon takes over daily control


Activity is moved to the Antwerp Right Bank location and tankrepair activities (ATR) are added to the service portfolio


Cleaning activities (ATC) started and Günther Van Loon joins the company


Repair activities for leasing and gastanks (ATSL & GETS) are moved to a new Left Bank location


Quality is our priority

As a service provider delivering quality is priority number one for Group Van Loon. Continuous measurement and analysis of our customer satisfaction allows us to improve the effectiveness of our quality management system and performance of our services. Internal and external audits ensure that our compliancy with SQAS is verified and assure the execution of quality control and improvement.

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Working together

Over the years Group Van Loon has built strong relationships we can always rely on:


Our team

We all carry customer orientation close to our hearts and aim to always create a win situation. To achieve this goal we rely on the support of our customers, coworkers, shareholders and all other important stakeholders. The development and maintenance of optimal partnership and collaboration with these partners is what motivates us everyday.

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Divisions of Group Van Loon

Antwerp right bank

Antwerp Tank Cleaning (ATC)
Antwerp Tank Repair (ATR)
Transport Van Loon (TVL)

Antwerp left bank

Gas Equipment Testing & Services (GETS)
Antwerp Tank & Special Logistics (ATSL)

The people behind Group Van Loon

Lars Steckel

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Lars Steckel

BU Manager Logistic Services

Joris Bours

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Joris Bours

BU Manager Repair & Depot Services

Niko Gatsou

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Niko Gatsou

BU Manager Tank Cleaning

Günther Van Loon

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Günther Van Loon

Managing Director

JP Pernet

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JP Pernet

Director Business Support