Antwerp Tank Cleaning

ATC runs a high-tech cleaning station that complies with the highest standards and legal requirements for the internal cleaning of tank and bulk equipment. We clean from 200 till 2000 bar.

ATC helps nature by treatment of waste into clean water. A chemical, physical and biological purification takes care of waste water.

We have some utility platforms in order to heat your containers either by steam, hot water or electricity. One of these platforms is used for transferring materials.

ATC is recognised transporter for dangerous and none dangerous waste and can handle more then 120.000 ton waste (water and sludge) of third parties annualy.

Opening hours (Monday till Friday):
06:00 hrs - 21:30 hrs

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ATC renewed SQAS certificate
Proud that Group Van Loon – ATC obtained an overall score of 93% and belongs to the 18% top...