Group Van Loon acquires 100% of the shares in Gebr. Raaphorst Transport BV

Press release

Antwerp, 18th July 2017

Antwerp based Group Van Loon acquires 100% of the shares in Gebr. Raaphorst Transport BV

By purchasing the shares in Gebr. Raaphorst Transport, Group Van Loon expands its portfolio of services within the tank container industry with a trucking (and product heating) division based in Moerdijk, Holland.

From its 2 locations in Antwerp, Group Van Loon offers services such as cleaning, repair, product heating, testing, storage and trucking to the tank container industry. Founded in 1954, the company started focusing on servicing tank containers in the late eighties and has continued doing so ever since. Six decades later, Group Van Loon is now the largest independent company in the tank container service market in Belgium, employing 240 people.

“It was time to take the next step,” Günther Van Loon (Managing Director) said. “Increasing trucking capacity in the Antwerp – Moerdijk – Rotterdam corridor is a condition to minimize empty legs between the ports and increase efficiency in what is still a very challenging market,” he continued. “With the acquisition of Raaphorst BV, we will be able to integrate a fourth generation family owned company, including its dedicated staff and values that are very similar to ours, as an independent business unit in our organization opening opportunities to increase services such as trucking and product heating in the region.”

“Having no succession in the family, Tony and I believed it was very important to find a company that will build further on what our family has established over four generations and we trust Group Van Loon will do so,” Jan Raaphorst added. “Indeed we also specialize in trucking and heating ISO tanks since 1988, before that general container haulage and tautliner transport was our business. Originally at the beginning of the twentieth century the company has been established as an inland waterways barge company”, his younger brother Tony makes the story complete.

Increasing consolidation in the industry, the need for higher efficiency, customers who want to be “unburdened,” and the necessity of scale to be able to keep up with technological evolutions were other reasons that were mentioned for the deal.

Van Loon does not rule out further corporate developments in the future. Such steps might also include partnerships with other stakeholders in the industry in order to give an answer to the ever changing market demands.

The trade name transport Raaphorst will be used in the future, and the activities will continue to be operated by the existing management. Deal value has not been released.

Contact persons :

Gunther Van Loon (gvl@vanloon.be)

Jan Raaphorst (Jan@raaphorst.nl)